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  • splh-chippewa-front

    Chippewa Front of Home

  • Chippewa Bedroom

  • Chippewa Living Room

  • Glen Echo Residence - Photo of front door.

    Glen Echo Residence

  • Glen Echo Residence - Photo of Living Room

    Glen Echo Living Room

  • Glen Echo Bedroom 1

  • Glen Echo Bedroom 2

  • Glen Echo Bedroom 3

  • Glen Echo Residence - Photo of downstairs living area

    Glen Echo Downstairs 1

  • Glen Echo Residence - Photo of pool area

    Glen Echo Pool

  • Smullian Residence

  • Smullian Living Room

  • Smullian Dining Room

  • Smullian Bedroom 1

  • Smullian Bedroom 2

  • Smullian Pool

This is just a sample of the spacious homes and resident rooms we offer. Each home is set in a quiet, well-kept community, and offers individual rooms with a private bathroom for each resident. 

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